This Is The Funniest Tag List Ever Created

By now the entire world knows I’m being stalked by a vicious, technologically advanced internet vigilante group who are working to destroy my very powerful work with, exposing corrupt government officials, cancer clusters, ground water plumes, and other environmental atrocities.

They run blogs that are part part of a complex search engine optimization campaign which buries search results about actual my work and career history and replaces that content with harassment and defamation.

At the same time, for several years we’ve been documenting and deciphering their attacks, methodically picking apart and cataloging all of their tactics.

Tonight we analyzed the tags being used in their SEO campaigns and what resulted is the most random and hilarious set of tags I have ever read, that completely reveal the intentions and nature of the person running these blogs.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the list funniest list of tags ever created:

10 grand

3000 dead of winter

accounts deleted


adult bullying

adult swim

aggravated menacing



alan smithee

album that never will be released


alex hwang


all lies

all meat sandwich

always a liar


ama gone wrong

anal cunt

angry failure

anonymous loser

ass kicked by a girl

autobiography made of bullshit

bad son



batshit crazy ideas

batshit insane theories

beat your skull in

bipolar disorder

bird dick

blame reagan

blow hard

blow jobs and blow hards

blue mountain


book tour



butt hurt little baby


cannot get it up

cannot spell worth shit

cartoon network

cash for weed

cash grab

castle homes

CEO loves us not him

cereal killer petitions


child abuse

child pornography

child sex ring

cliff chase

cloud flare

complete bullshit


con man

contempt of court






corporate greed does good



crazy ass white dude

crazy facebook messages

creepy dating profile

criminal acts

criminal record

crying like a bitch






dad hates you

daily variety

dan down the drain

dangerous fraud

daniel drainer

dark web of muppets

dead animals

dead cat

dead of winter

deadbeat dad

deadman’s hand


deranged man

desperate and mentally ill in a motel room

devious mind

diane dimond

dirty money

dis gonna be guud


Doug Hwang


drama queen

drug dealing

drug runner


dumb ass

dumb ass shit

dyslexia of the penis

easy cash

edit suite stories


email harassment


enormous wimp


epic filmmaker fail


erectile dysfunction

eric emails

erin brokovich


evil troll

f the police


facebook employee


fake accountm

fake book

fake documentary

fake dyslexia

fake filmmaker

fake homeless

fake interview

fake likes

fake news

fake profile

fake PTSD

fake public career

fake shit

fake stories

fake TV pilot


faking disability

family hates matt

family matters

fat matt

fat whale



fear of blogs

feature fake film

file under things that will never happen

fillmore Street Files

fillmore street films

film release

for reel

fractal audio


freakshow of a human stain

frivolous lawsuit

front royal

fuck nugget

fucking idiot


full of shit

Global Water Center

good ole boys

Google Knows The Truth


guitar joke

hacked laptop



hans olo

happy easter


hates cops

hates LGBT

hates LGBTQ

hates niggers

hates veterans

HBO Docs

he loses

he really does have a bird dick

hiding like a bitch


hitler lover


hypocrite of the highest order

I can see u



illegal activity

illegal drug use

illegal funds



in his own words

internet troll

investigation for fraud

irrelevant in LA

IRS unclaimed income

jeff berdyck hero


Joe Pak

john mastrouno

josh drummer

josh steffen

karma hates Matt



kevin bacon

killed batman

killing innocent children again

know nothing

knows nothing


la filmmakers

LA Weekly


lars ulrich


les claypool



lies so pathetic they are laughable


live concert


lonn friend


love tits


luke magnotta

lying sack of shit


made up bullshit

making fun of stupid


marjorie bard

mass shooter


matt alan kane

matt hates veterans

matt kane

matt loses

mattehw berdyck

matthew a berdyck

matthew bedyck

matthew berdyck

matthew berydck

matthew burke

matthew kane

matthew mayze

matty b


mentally ill

metal zone



money scam

more shit that never happened

muppets who kick ass

my dad can beat up your dad

namaste bitch

neo nazi

nikki black

nikki blakk

ninja bitch

no one cares


non stop harassment

not a writer

not funny


obsessed freak



official blog

official twitter


old friends

online threats


paranoid schizohprenic

pathetic worm

paypal netspend


people of hinkley



pizza fetish



poison in the grapes

police report

press is in on it

pretend filmmaker


proxy recruiting


psychotic ramblings


pussy loses fight

racist asshole

random troll

raw story

real name cathy


roaly examiner

ron kicks ass

ron ronson

rotten cock


royal examiner

royal front films


sally estabrooke

sam the eagle

san fran DJ


scam artist



scaredof the truth

scary comments



science trumps stupidity

scott weiland

scum bag

seeing things that are not there


selfish cunt


SEO campaign

sergio aragones

serial killer

seriously scary shit

sex for money

sexual predator

shane kicks ass

shane the badass

shit kicker

shit poem


shitty brother

shitty dad

shitty father

shitty son

sick bastard


sock puppet

sock puppets



spanking down a bitch

spatial savant




stupid idiot


sucking a lot of cocks

suicidal tendencies


super fraud

super troll

superfund research dot org


taking out the trash

target for mass gun shooting

telecommunications harassment

ten grand




top secret

tope secret

total failure

total nonsense

transvestite hooker man



trolling the troll

tubby shit

turner networks


twitter stalking

united filmmakers association

utter bullshit

very wrong

violating a woman

violently posting on facebook


way too into little girls

we know where you are

we win

weed smoker

weird bi sexual fantasy


westerville cops

westerville police



whiny little bitch

white BMW

will kill little kids

wishes he was a prodigy


worst father ever

worst piece of shit ever

worthless fuck

xander hwang

you are our bitch

youtube comments


A Note From The Sociopath That Is Filling My Search Results With Lies

This is an unedited note from the deeply deranged, mentally ill nut job that is filling my internet search results with lies and damaging my environmental work:

“I want Matthew Berdyck to continue living his life exactly as he is right now. The horrid life he lives inside his mind, the only escape to be these unrealistic, unattainable goals, and failing to achieve them every single day. Lying the next day that he achieved those goals, knowing how hollow the falsehood rings even in his own arrogant yet empty head.

What a fitting punishment. To never know the love of either of his children. To always be moving around, paranoid and looking over his shoulder for those who don’t even exist, perpetually chasing him for the good deeds that never seem to materialize in the real world.

The allure of the internet, the notion that he can reinvent himself as someone new, only to have it too fail every single day. He may get a glimpse for a fleeting moment of someone buying his bullshit lies, but that always seems to fall apart and alone again he will always be.

SuperfundResearch, researching, an album or a feature film or whatever he does, nothing will ever come from these follies. And the answer as to why will elude him forever, much like success and happiness will elude him for the rest of his days on earth.

I go to sleep smiling every night, holding on to my boyfriend’s arm, and a small part of me feels satisfaction in knowing the real truth, that Matthew Berdyck will never have this, never have a meaningful relationship with another human being. It is a blessing for humanity that he is incapable of empathy and love because those who tried to give him love or sympathy barely lived to regret it.

20-30 more years of pain, loneliness, and torment. That would be a wonderful and happy end to the story of Matthew Berdyck.

In the end, Matt will have missed his children’s lives, their children’s lives, and all for what will amount to a footnote in history as an annoying internet pest, buried in a pile of data that no one will notice or care about. Matthew Berdyck will equal in death what he did in life.

Absolutely nothing.”

My response:

This is a pretty disturbing message which reveals the real intentions of the person who is writing all of the nasty stuff about me on the internet.

However, I’d like to contest a few of these points and point out that this person is essentially salivating over and finding satisfaction from things that aren’t happening, a fact that I present to support my assertion that this person suffers from some pretty seriously delusional behavior.

I’ve got a very happy and fulfilling life filled with many friends and acquaintances. I don’t live a horrid life inside my mind, which is something only I could accurately express about myself.  Anyone who says this or feels this way about me is simply wrong or experiencing some form of macabre wishful thinking.

Asserting that I’m being stalked by a talentless failure, I’ve never “re-invented” myself.  I’m just a person who has many different talents that has many different projects going on, something this loser could never understand.

For example, as a filmmaker I recently released a short film called The Josh Steffen Show, which is now at 20,000 views.

As a musician, I’m recording an album, a project that I’ve spent an entire year of my life working on, including spending ten months of my life learning how to play the drums.  In this person’s mind it’s not that I’m a patient and methodical artist, even though I have been known to spend years working of documentaries, if whatever I am working on doesn’t materialize within twenty-four hours, in their warped mind, somehow it’s a lie.  If this person had ever worked for anything in their life, they’d be able to grasp this.

I’ve got an aggregator, the album will be featured on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, among others.  I’m estimating that I’m about one month from completion and release, if that.

As an activist, I continue to work on my Superfund FOIA project, with equal methodical commitment, along with a few other environmental projects.  Just because we haven’t started releasing the results of these projects doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

The only project I’ve put on the back burner is my book, because I don’t feel like the story is over yet.  I think patience is the best policy in this situation.

As far as dating, no thanks.  I have a great life, freedom, and I’d like to keep it that way, though I’ve not even remotely short on dating options.  Not every woman is stupid enough to believe everything they read on the internet, no matter how much this stalker asserts this terribly offensive opinion.

I can tell you one thing with the utmost certainty, one thing written above that couldn’t be further from the actual truth is the statement that I spend my life looking over my shoulder.  And while I have moved around, it’s not because those good deeds haven’t materialized, but it’s been a direct result of those good deeds becoming reality, causing me to experience whistleblower retaliation, to which I’ll direct you to the retaliatory news pieces published by Roger Bianchini from Royal Examiner, as evidence of my powerful accomplishments.

One could also look at the hundreds of gifts I bought for cancer survivors, last Christmas, as well.

As far as the rest, the things about my children, it seems that this person is willfully trying to manipulate their lives, trying to exert psychotic control over many innocent human beings realities, so if I were you, I’d be vary wary of what this maniac considers to be empathy or sympathy because from I have witnessed, this person is not human at all.

Stating that the people I have been with have barely survived is just another atrocious manipulation of reality this sociopath needs to believe in order to not  address their own monstrosity.  What was it?  “The mind’s eye instinctually protects itself,” I believe.

The most telling aspect of the sheer inaccuracy of this person’s statements is that in the eighteen months since they’ve published their stalker’s manifesto, and in spite of their best efforts, I’ve done nothing but continually prove them wrong and whether I end up the most famous mother fucker on the planet, or a footnote, matters not to me and never has.  I’m an artist and an activist, nothing more, nothing less and wherever those paths take me is fine with me.

That’s my satisfaction in all of this, that no matter how hard they try, no matter how much energy they waste on me, they just can’t win.



Matthew Berdyck Filmography

This is a short list of films I have directed and edited.

2017: The Josh Steffen Show (Matthew Berdyck Interviews Josh Steffen)

I traveled to Peshtigo, Wisconsin to interview famous YouTube drummer Josh Steffen.  We talked about his origins, brushes with celebrity drummers, band offers from famous groups, and of course, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. 

2013: Philadelphia Experiment – Ra (Live)

Music video I made while on tour with Jordan Rudess from two time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater and Rod Morgenstein from Winger and Berklee College of Music.

2013: Poison in the Grapes

Short film about the Superfund toxic waste site in my childhood neighborhood and the corruption in the media and local government that left an entire community exposed to toxic waste.  The EPA officials I took on in this film were later forced to resign over the Flint Water Crisis. 

2013: Blame Reagan

I lived on the street for eighteen months of my life to make the first ever first person documentary in film history about homelessness. 

2011: Wayward Traveler 2 (Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim solicited TV pilot)

Travel based TV show which featured me dressed up like a Big Foot, hopping concert gates to get interviews with celebrities, starring Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine)


It Should Be Alarming That “No One Knows Who I Am”

After a half a million miles of ground travel, to over two-thousand cities, working as a filmmaker and activist, meeting tens of thousands of people all across the country, generating millions of readers, viewers, and haters of my various forms of content, one should be shocked that they’ve never heard of me, but if you want to know why my Google results look the way I do, I’m just grassroots famous.

A woman at a media outlet the other day, said, “Well, if you’re so successful, how come I have never heard of you?!”  I replied, “Well, there are three hundred thousand people in this country, and if I generate six million readers, then that leaves two-hundred ninety-six million people that have never heard of me.  You sound like a Facebook troll!”

It’s not just that I have generated a lot of traffic, I have a very unique resume: two solicited TV show pilots for major cable networks, toured with rock stars, worked with Grammy Nominees, career groomed by numerous legendary artists, traveled the country doing good deeds and helping people, funded a homelessness organization, exposed cancer clusters and other environmental issues, helped stop one of Chris Christie’s garbage trains, have at least a half a dozen fake news articles published about me, have my own dedicated internet vigilante group, made a metric shit ton of money in the process, and on and on and on.

The part, to me, that is the most fucked up, is that because of the local — to each area I work in — nature of my work, the people who are supposed to be writing about me have exactly 1/1000th the traffic and career experience that I do.  I’m actually way more successful than the people who have the nerve to tell me I am nobody, to the point that 90% of the time I think it’s more professional jealousy that keeps people from writing about me than the fact that my stories aren’t interesting.

Even for the most seasoned journalists, and the most well traveled rock stars, I can keep up with them.  For example, Metallica in the 1990’s did an exhausting 256 dates a year, touring, and I have them beat.  Fuck, in 2014 alone, I spent over $28,000 on plane tickets, hotels, taxis and dinner, and that air travel is not including in the half a million miles!

All I have to say is, it’s time for me to have my day in the sun.  I’ve worked for it, harder than any other person alive, and I will God damned if I am going to get taken out by some shit bag loser at a media outlet with 768 fans in Front Royal, Virginia.  Believe that!!

I Bought Christmas Presents For Over A Hundred People Last Month

December was about charitable giving, for me.  First, I made a large donation to a local charity that was working to buy Christmas presents for cancer survivors in DC, which resulted in directly buying Christmas gifts for seventy-five people.  On top of this, for people I am directly connected to, I gave them two-hundred dollars towards their Christmas shopping.  I bought an exceptional amount of goods from friends that are local merchants, to give them a Christmas boost in sales. I bought steak dinners for local managers of various establishments, and left large tips for the local servers, amounting to several thousand dollars of giving.

I rarely talk about any of this stuff, as what I’ve printed is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg, when it comes to what I’ve actually done in this country, in the last year, which has amounted to  tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to other people and organizations.  Already a few sad examples of humanity accused me of “patting myself on the back,” even though 95% of my charitable giving is done in private, with no credit given.  I don’t know why people have such an adverse reaction to a person helping others, but it happens, and all I can say to those critics is, maybe you need to focus on yourself, rather than me, and direct your criticism there, instead.

All in all, I am completely satisfied with what I’ve done.  My actions over the last month have inspired me to do even more, to begin focusing everything I have on helping others.  I’ve had my fun in this country, I’ve lived a life filled with the kinds of luxuries that only rock stars could sympathize with, I’ve collected as much junk as I need for one life time, and find that I feel the most rewarded when I am helping others, rather than focusing on myself.

As a result, the world can judge me all it wants, people can lob their criticism, and all I can do is keep my head down and keep doing good deeds.  I’m no hero, either, nor am I a saint.  I’ve had plenty of times in my life, just like everyone else, where I have not been the best person I can be, but those past negativities do not preclude me from trying to be a good person, every day, trying to just be an example for people, trying to pay it forward for everything that has been done for me.

Next Christmas is going to be even better, because I am going to raise the bar to 25k in charitable giving.  We the people who are fighting to spread goodwill are going to give thousands of people Christmas presents.  Last year I had no warning before the cause was presented to me, so I was limited in what I could give, but this coming year is going to be amazing.  I can’t wait.


Apparently Someone Crashed My Dad’s Funeral Tonight

I just heard about it.  Apparently, someone walked into my Dad’s funeral, tonight, who knew him, in order to pay their last respects, and that person also happens to be one of my employees.  At one time, he was a friend of my family, that visited our home many times, as he is the drummer from my old band from high school, but it seems my family didn’t recognize him.

I was told that he walked in, quietly paid his last respects, that a few photos were snapped, and that he was accosted by my sister, who was “extremely violent towards him.”  Of course, my employees only handle themselves with the utmost of societally appropriate behavior, so when they went low, we went high.

At one point, his cell phone was ferociously ripped from his hands, smashed into the ground, and then confiscated.  Photos that legally belonged to me, captured for private use, and now for potential use in a future court case, were deleted.

Removing the phone from him in the middle of the incident, thus preventing him access from appropriate emergency services during a domestic incident, is a felony, taking his phone was theft, but as the cookie crumbles, my employee brought a reliable witness along with him.  It seems that he was also threated with assault, and the funeral home acted as accomplices in these actions, as was relayed to me.

I was told that they made numerous statements about my sister’s and father’s relationship with me, they were all atrociously horrible comments and I will not repeat them here, because I don’t allow discrimination and hate speech to be printed on this blog.  They tried to convince him that he should never talk to me again, and said more terrible, terrible, but unprintable things, which could greatly affect my work due to the potential loss of an employee, words I believe are willfully malicious and slanderous, in nature, but again, grandma might be reading, so I’ll save her the shock to her delicate heart.

I, for one, feel that the actions of these people confirm a lot of things about my past, that were hidden previously.  Especially my sisters unwarranted rage towards me, her ongoing demonization of me, her continued statements (to anyone who will listen) being printed all over the internet, the sum total of her comments being used to defame me, and cause damage to my career, for many years, as I have repeatedly made requests to my family to respect my career and privacy.

We all got a little taste of the true Berdyck family, tonight, though.

Even though I did not get along with my father, I loved him, and I forgave him a long time ago for the things he did to me as a child.  Through all of this I have learned that you can love someone but also be glad they are rotting in hell, at the same time, as you can’t truly feel hate for someone until you’ve loved them, first.  Instead of just looking at the bad, I try to remember the good times we had, the times before my sister was born, because as soon as she came, I ceased to exist.  All I wanted to was to make a positive speech at his funeral, no bullshit, just talk about the times he was good, and show people that I am more than willing, and have been, to take the high road.

But, they pushed me out.  First, they tried to hide the death completely.  Then, they left me out of all of the planning, and scheduled the funeral when I could not be there, but for me, seeing the body was important closure that I needed, and my mother and sister have done everything they can to make sure I don’t have it.  I will let you decided what kind of person does that.  I mean, have I ever disrupted a funeral in my entire life?  Nope, not once.  I never would.

And tonight, we did not disrupt his funeral.  The way it went down was very organic, and not planned in any way, in that my employee really knew my Dad and was there to pay mine and his last respects, as my father was the police officer who worked at the library where my friend grew up.  On top of this, since the victim was in a band with me, he was a part of my life for an entire year of high school, ate dinner with our family.  He is also the guy who was in the car with me when we got pulled over when I was eighteen and he was only seventeen, but his eighteenth birthday was in nine minutes, so my Mom also went to court with his Mom, for charges that were later dismissed when it turned out I had his parent’s permission to have him out after curfew.  He said he was honored to go and pay last respects and he meant no harm to my family whatsoever, and that is absolutely true.

He explained to them that he just wanted to help me get some closure and was there on my behalf, and meant no harm to them. But, they insisted on making a scene, and turning it into a madhouse, because my immediate Berdyck family has no class whatsoever, no ability to remain civil, and so the simple act of kindness, by my employee, something he knew I needed to be OK, acting with no malicious intent, whatsoever, was turned into a fiasco, as my father would say, by my sister.

Let them do as they must.  The points in my coming lawsuit against my sister are stacking up.   Let’s not forget that man that took the phone is a member of the military who committed as felony, and can be subject to criminal charges, for his actions, which I have not pursued, and a military investigation if he is still enlisted, but I know he was just doing the bidding of my sister because if he didn’t she would make his life a living hell.  If I had to live with her, I’d be living in fear as well.  That’s for damn sure.

Needless to say, my family had choices to make, in the way that they handled this death, and they got everything they gave, right back, when what they could have had was a nice funeral, that we all worked together to build, which would have been much nicer than the one he had, because even though my Dad had more than enough insurance, my sister cheaped out, and spared every expense, which is typical for my family.

I’ve been telling people about them for years, and with every passing day, they prove, unequivocally, that they are exactly who I say they are.  I’m just the messenger on this one, they set the script.


Album Update

I’m still hammering away at my album, but the process has gone well beyond what my original schedule was supposed to be.  Since I am playing drums on the entire thing, with a few guest appearances, the first major stumbling block I had was that I couldn’t play the drums.  Two hours of practice a night and six months later and I’m finally at the drumming level I need to be at, in order to finish the album.

Another long journey was the struggle to find the right guitar and guitar sound, which led me through numerous amps, pre-amps, and dozens of guitars, searching the exact sound I was looking for, which resulted in me amassing a pretty decent guitar collection!  I’ve settled on the Les Paul in the the middle for solo tracking, with Burstbuckers, plugged into DBX 676 channel strip, fed into a Mesa Boogie Triaxis, and then broadcast by an Orange cab, into an Audio Technica AT 40-50 condenser microphone.


For rhythm tracking I’m using the Explorer, that is split between a two sounds and two separate Marshall cabs, with one being a Plexi preset on Pod Pro X HD, and the other sound generated by various assortment of stomp boxes, but I have not found the perfect pedal, as of yet.  The result is one cab is miked with the AT 4–50 and the other with two SM57’s, with each signal being split, conversely, between the right and left channels in the recording software, giving me a massive rhythm sound, recorded in a cherry wood room.

On the song writing side, I have roughly seven songs plus a few interesting covers, all ready to be recorded, which in of itself has been long process, because I did demos of everything first, and must have recorded a hundred takes of drums while I was working on getting the perfect drum sound.  This means I am now at the point where I am pretty much ready to start recording, and who knows how long that is going to take!

It’s occurred to me that I am not on a timeline, and the longer I spend nit picking over the details, the better everything sounds, the more takes I record, the better the final recordings will be, which right now are already at LA quality, but for an example, I’ve already done over three hundred takes, nailing the drum track for the first song, which will be released soon along with a wicked accompanying music video.

As for the album, I’m going to keep chipping away until it’s perfect.


Working On My Home Studio and Office


It’s an ongoing work in progress.  I actually built this desk, custom wrap-around, out of parts from Ikea, and added a second guitar rig, a few days ago, using a Digitech 1101 and foot pedal as a midi controller for the entire studio, so I can hit one foot switch and completely reconfigure the guitar sound, through five different guitar processors (Triaxis, Pod HD, Sans Amp PSA 1.1, and Digitech 1101), and three 4 x 12 cabinets, all miked with an AT 4050, into a DBX 676 channel strip, along with eight channels of Focusrite ISA’s.



What Does The UMTRA Uranium Clean Up In Moab, Utah Have To Do With The Residents Of Los Angeles

I traveled to Moab, Utah to see the arches, but stumbled upon something else, just three miles north of town.

There is a massive pile of Uranium tailings, the byproduct of Uranium enrichment, sitting in Moab, Utah that sits right next to The Colorado River and is leaking Uranium into the river which is the drinking water source for a large portion of Southern California.


The Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) is a project, administered by the Department of Energy, to move the pile out into the middle of the high desert and bury it somewhere that the Uranium cannot spill into the drinking water supply.


The Department of Energy states that the project is 51% complete.  Tailing shipments began in April, 2009, and are expected to continue through about 2032.


Because of the location of the pile there is concern that a flash flood will strike and wash even more Uranium into the river, which will make it’s way to Lake Mead, and eventually directly into a major Southern California drinking water supply.   What does a flash flood look like in Moab, Utah?

I’m doing all kinds of research on this subject right now, reaching out to different officials and agencies, working to understand the real risks of this pile, and soon I’ll have a short film prepared for the people of Los Angeles, filled with information and links so they can research the issue themselves, and so that we can all work together to make sure So Cal is both aware of the issue and prepared in the event of a disaster.


Poison in the Grapes – Castle Homes – Akron, Ohio – Superfund Information

Summit Equipment & Supplies, Inc.

Site Information
  • Akron, OH (Summit County)
  • EPA ID# OHD055523401

(where to view written records)

Akron-Summit County Public Library
Science & Technology Dept.
60 S. High St.
Akron, Ohio


The 7.5-acre former salvage yard and scrap metal facility, located at 875 Ivor Ave., Akron, is bordered by the Akron-Barberton Beltway Railroad tracks to the north; a low-lying woodland and marsh to the east; a residential area to the south; and a light industrial area to the west. The marsh to the east of the salvage yard is immediately adjacent to Lake Nesmith, a local recreation area.

Operating from the 1950s to the 1980s, Summit Equipment accepted large numbers of transformers containing PCB oils. It also stored transformers and batteries intended for scrap and reclamation.  In the early 1970s, batteries were recycled while metals from electrical equipment were smelted on-site in a small furnace.  Oil reclaimed from the transformers reportedly provided fuel for the furnace.  These activities resulted in on-site PCB contamination of soil and off-site movement of the PCBs. These site operations also resulted in ground water contamination under the site.

In 1987, EPA conducted an emergency action to stop the PCBs from moving off-site.  About 300 capacitors and 1,300 transformer carcasses were also removed to stabilize the site and protect neighbors’ health as well as the environment.

In 1991, EPA also oversaw removal and disposal of:

  • 2,000 tons of contaminated scrap, motors, and stone
  • over 160 drums containing various items including furnace residue, metal grinding dust, and PCB- and mercury-contaminated soil
  • non-hazardous waste oil, paint residue, and batteries
  • over 432 cubic yards of tires
  • 219 tons of building demolition debris
  • two large transformer carcasses weighing 2,500 pounds
  • three mercury rectifiers and eight compressed air cylinders

In 1998, the EPA finalized a long-term cleanup plan, called the record of decision, which included:

  • clearing unexploded ordnance
  • excavating all contaminated soil
  • backfilling and regrading the excavated areas with clean fill
  • transporting contaminated soil to a permitted landfill for disposal
  • monitoring the ground water
  • restricting future land and ground water use

All of these actions were completed by 2000 along with continued ground water monitoring.  The 1998 cleanup plan was slightly modified in 2004 to remove unnecessary land-use restrictions.

Site Updates | Latest Update | Technical Documents || Five-Year Reviews || Legal Agreements

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s PDF page to learn more.

Site Updates

August 2014

In 2013, EPA completed a status review of the site’s cleanup. This type of review is required at least every five years where the cleanup is complete but hazardous substances remain at levels too high to allow unrestricted use of the site. These reviews are done to ensure that the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment.

The review included:

  • An evaluation of background information.
  • Cleanup requirements.
  • Effectiveness of the cleanup and any anticipated future actions.
  • An analysis of ways for EPA to operate more efficiently.
  • Maintenance and monitoring efforts.

The review found the cleanup continues to protect people and the environment. The area remains fenced to discourage trespassing, although a fence is not required to prevent exposure to hazardous substances. Also, a natural treatment process, called monitored natural attenuation, continues to cleanse the groundwater of hazardous substances before they can move off-site.

Report trespassers to local police; direct health concerns to the Summit County Health Department Exit EPA Disclaimer

The next review will be in 2018. The third five-year review (PDF) (30pp, 831KB) details the site’s progress.

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Previously, all data for this site was publicly available.  Recently with the changed in the EPA website Superfund access to necessary records has been systematically blocked.  In the case of missing PDF’s, when one clicks on the links they are now greeted with this page.

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What Does ‘Plains All American Pipeline’ Have Planned For Their Next Big Act?

We’re all familiar with Plains All American Pipeline because of the recent 100,000 gallon oil that spilled directly into Brad and Angelina’s Cheerio’s, on The Central Coast of  California, due to unchecked corrosion.

Some of us know it was oil that was on its way to Plains All American Pipeline that was involved in the creation of a 500 foot fireball in West Virginia, and the evacuation of two whole towns, after a CSX train carrying crude to one of Plains’ processing plants jumped the railroad tracks and burst into flames, lighting up the sky for ten miles in every direction.  That’s a house at the bottom of the picture.


So I wondered, after matching the ending Death Star explosion from Return of the Jedi, and then dumping 100,000 gallons of oil all over Mr. & Mrs. Smith, what does Plains All American Pipeline have planned for their next big act that could possible top any of that?

Never to disappoint, Greg Armstrong, CEO, of Plains All American Pipeline has a plan to surpass all others.

The following image is a photo of a proposed pipeline in Arkansas called the Diamond Pipeline Project to be built and run exclusively by Plains All American Pipeline, and Valero Corp.

The oil pipe, which I am sure will be just as high quality as the stellar operation they are running at Refugio State Beach, bisects Arkansas straight down the middle, and, “would pass through three of its wildlife management areas, including the ecologically significant Rex Hancock Black Swamp.”

Arkansas law gives pipeline companies the power of eminent domain if landowners are not willing to negotiate a price for the use of their land. 

I understand that Americans are dependent on petroleum to live our lives, but we have to ask ourselves, with Plains All American Pipeline unwilling to commit to safety unless required by some form of regulation or lawsuit, are they really the best company to be allowed to run pipelines across entire states?

I feel like the answer is, “Nope.  Not even once.”

This Diamond Pipeline Project isn’t even built yet and already I already can sense a coming disaster, not based on any superstition or because I might possibly be a Jedi, but because Plains All American Pipeline’s track record with maintenance alone shows that advocates and citizens alike have some legitimate areas of concern when it comes to trusting Plains to not cause another preventable oil spill.

While we all focus on Refugio State Beach, Plains All American Pipeline has its sights  firmly planted on The Bible Belt.

Let’s just hope that as Plains All American Pipeline, who is already taking people’s land, starts trampling on the dreams of hard working Americans people, that the very same people, organizations, and news media outlets who stood up for Santa Barbara will stand up for the soon to be displaced residents of Arkansas, before it’s too late.

Matthew Berdyck


I’m About To Fight A Massive Cause To Help People And Marjorie Bard PhD Will Attempt To Disrupt It

Now that everyone is looking, and I am no longer on the road and alone, it’s helped me build a network of reputable people around me, who can vouch for who I am and what I do for a living, how many people I help, my charitable causes, my ongoing going activism campaign to try to make this world a better place.

As I am running this cause, Marjorie Bard will attempt to disrupt the cause and undermine my authority, by using her fake news she has posted about me, to form an opposition group, which is something she has done in multiple cities, but this time her efforts will fail.  Her plans will be to try to stop me from helping women, children, and families who are exposed to a certain form of corruption, whose lives are at risk.

Marjorie will be there, the entire time, attempting to crush me, because that is what she does.  She helps protect bad people, from cyber stalkers, to accused rapists, to hotels that are ripping off their guests credit cards, to online mobbing groups, to anyone who is willing to help crush me, as her “useful idiots.”  She is the person who provides shelter to terrible human beings, not because she supports them, but because she is a cyber predator thug.

You see, what Marjorie does is marginalize any human life that I try to help, as collateral damage.  Any person who I’m trying to protect becomes her victim, but this time, there is an army of support and she cannot attack us all.  She has shown no mercy to communities that are exposed to toxic waste, to cancer victims, to people who are concerned for their health, and she has even threatened to “lie to any media outlet than helps me,” and to create “more fake news to attack me.”

I welcome it, because the last time she worked to create fake news, it ended up opening dozens of new career doors, for me, and made me even more infamous that I already am.

I’ve fought this battle, against her, multiple times, and each time, it’s her that ends up swirling misinformation around communities, spreading rumors that I have STD’s to embarass me, spreading lies about my criminal record, creating lies about my mental health status, creating lies about my family, my friends, making threats to cause harm to my children with her words, all in an attempt to stop me from being a good person, which is just an example of her pure corrupt megalomaniac stalker behavior.

I’m ready for Marjorie.  This time, I’m getting multiple media outlets involved to watch over this cause, and make sure that she doesn’t cause harm to innocent families and children, with her lies and madness. With each cause I have learned more and more tactics to help combat her madness, and with this one, the reputability I have established goes a long way to helping make sure she does not have her way with these people’s lives.